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rajmataThe degeneration that has come about in our Society today is a result of many social evils that are still prevalent after 66 years of independence. The class hierarchy, the caste discrimination, racial and religion-based abuse have rendered the progress of the nation useless, further paralyzing the vision that the Fathers of this nation established.


1624 villages, 252 teams, 4032 aspirants and one passion – cricket. Cricket is a game loved by almost all individuals in India and it’s second to the religion they follow. The game has been responsible for bringing together many sects and has been a boon for those who wish to erase the boundaries, which corrode the future aspirations of this nation.

The ‘Rajmata Vijaya Raje Scindia Grameen Tournament 2012-13’ was a successful creative initiative taken to attack the existing differences in the society today and bridge the gap between aspirations of underprivileged young lads and their dreams. The main objectives of this initiative were youth involvement and forming a relationship with them, community participation and optimal resource commitments.


The teams were divided on the basis of their constituencies and there were four constituencies: Dug, Jhalrapatan, Khanpur and Manohar Thana. 22 Village Activity Centers (VAC) were established, total of five in Dug and Jhalrapatan, six in Manohar Thana and Khanpur. These VACs were planned and established keeping in mind their geographical positions so as to make registering and participation easy for the people interested. There were five teams from Dug and Jhalrapatan and six teams from Khanpur and Manohar Thana.

The tournament was organized by the Youth Welfare Committee and with 252 teams competing to make it to the semi-finals and then the finals, the atmosphere was charged and the players participating enthusiastically. The tournament was divided into different phases to keep this an event that unites the people and keeps them charged for longer. The League matches began on the 15th of February 2012 and continued till the 22nd of January 2013. The matches were played on a knock out basis with a tennis ball and the players were provided with caps, t-shirts and food at the events.

The matches, 251 in total, were played over the course of one year, from 15th February 2012 to 22th January 2013, with the final on 25th January 2013 and were divided into four phases.

FIRST - The first League matches were played from 15 February to 7th March 2012, in which 58 matches were played and 64 teams participated from Awar, Jhalrapatan, Sunel, Bhalta, Jawar and Harigarh and were played at 6 different VACs.


SECOND - Second Phase kicked off on 1st June 2012 and lasted till the 14th of the month. There were 42 participating teams and played 38 matches, played at 6 different VACs.


THIRD - On November 19th 2012 began the third phase of League matches and ended on the 8th of December 2012. 71 teams played a total of 65 intense matches played at 6 more VACs.


FOURTH – The fourth leg took the League matches into the next year and they were held from 9th December 2012 to the 5th of January 2013. There were 75 teams and 69 matches were held at 6 VACs.



With 22 teams in the competition and the tournament in its final stages, matches began in the Khanpur constituency on the 15th of January and matches were played till the 16th of January on 4 different VACs, with 21 matches being played, in a bid for a ticket to the Semi – Finals.

Youth welfare Society, Jhalawar

Programmes and Committees

League Matches 15th January to 22nd January 2013

League Matches of Fourth Phase

Place : Khanpur (Sarola Kalan)

Date: 15th – 16th January 2013

Participating winning teams of Vidhan Sabha Khanpur

S.No. Name of Vidhan Sabha VAC Name of winning Team
1 Khanpur Harigarh Bagher
2 Bakani Bakani
3 Khanpur Soomer
4 Panwar Dahi Khera
5 Ratlai Reechawa
6 Sarola


Sarola Kalan

The next phase, second phase of the League matches were played at Jhalrapatan from the 17th of January to the 18th of January.

Youth welfare Society, Jhalawar

Programmes and Committees

League Matches 15th January to 22nd January 2013

League Matches of Second Phase

Place : Sunel

Date: 17th -18th January 2013

Participating winning teams of Vidhan Sabha Jhalrapatan

S.No. Name of Vidhan Sabha VAC Name of winning Team
1 Jhalrapatan Sunel Sunel
2 Pirawa Sherpur
3 Raipur Sunwas
4 Jhalrapatan Samrai
5 Kotri Ramaya Dalpat

The third phase kicked off in Manohar Thana and matches among the qualifying teams were held on 20th and 21st of January.

Youth welfare Society, Jhalawar
Programmes and Committees
League Matches 15th January to 22nd January 2013
League Matches of Third
Place : Aklera (Lahas)
Date: 20th – 21st January
Participating winning teams of Vidhan Sabha Manohar
S.No. Name of Vidhan Sabha VAC Name of winning Team
1 Manohar Thana Bhalta Deoli
2 Jawar Shorti
3 Ghatoli Gul Kheri
4 Aklera Turkariya
5 Manohar Thana Manohar Thana
6 Asnawar Asnawar

The final League matches in order to qualify for the semi finals were held in the fourth participating constituency, Dug, from the 21st of January to the 22nd of January.

After 4 teams fought for a journey ahead of the Semi-finals from all the constituencies, two emerged victorious. One could see that the enthusiasm had spread to the common man and everyone wanted to be involved with and initiative that bound everyone in brotherhood.

The teams that made the cut were –

The matches were held at the Khel Sankul, a wonderful sports complex with facilities like none other in the district, on the 24th of January, 2013.The teams that made the cut after grueling matches, which the spectators could easily call the most intense knock-out matches the teams that made it to the final were -

Vidhan Sabha Winning Team
Khanpur Reechhwa
Jhalrapatan Sunwas
Manohar Thana Shorti
Dug Chaumehla

On the 25th of January 2013, the death anniversary of the Late Rajmata Vijay Raje Scindia, the final was played between the two victorious teams of the semi finals, Chaumela and Sunwas was attended by a large crowd. The enthusiasm was infectious and encouraging chants resonated through the Stadium. Once again held at the Khel Sankul in Jhalawar, there was not an inch of space left uncovered.

Spectators, supporters, native people from the winning teams thronged the stands. The advertisers from all the four constituencies had their placards and hoardings standing at boundary of the cricket field proudly supporting the cause aimed at progress.

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It has been our struggle and aim to convey the message of unity and to uplift the under privileged. The success of this initiative marked a historical moment in our bid to bring about change. Change is difficult, but when the determination to outlive the expectations others have from you consumes you, irrelevant details which hold you back become just that; irrelevant. Hope is something one cannot leave and it has been the aim of our visionaries who have passed on, to ingrain in us the importance of never giving up. The young lads, who are not as privileged as many in this country, finally had the chance to excel and prove that they are united in taking this country to new heights. Cheers to the generation of determined men, and all hail the spirit they exude. May success be ours.