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Debates participant by Dushyant Singh

Date Debate title/Bill name Debate type Click
2009-06-08 Motion of Thanks on the President’s Address Motion of Thanks on the President’s Address
2009-07-14 Regarding need to expedite the construction of Ramganjmandi-Bhopal via Jhalawar railway line. LS – Matters under (Rule-377)
2009-07-20 Discussion on Demands for Grants Nos.  13 under the control of the Ministry of Agriculture Budget (General)
2009-07-20 Situation arising due to low Monsoon in the country. Special Mention
2009-07-28 Discussion on situation arising out of drought and floods in various parts of the country. LS – Short Duration Discussions (Rule-193)
2009-08-03 Regarding need to look into the problems being faced by the opium growers and opium industry LS – Matters under (Rule-377)
2009-11-24 Regarding need to review the opium policy and make provisions for the welfare of the farmers who lost their crop in 2006-07 due to bad weather conditions in Rajasthan. LS – Matters under (Rule-377)
2009-12-11 Need to confer the status of `Heritage City? on Amritsar by shifting it from Category `B? to Category `C? grant pattern of the Jawaharlal Nehru National Urban Renewal Mission (JNNURM) LS – Calling Attention (Rule-197)
2009-12-18 Supplementary Demand for Grant (Railways) ? 2009-10 Budget (Railways)
2009-12-18 Regarding need to expedite the construction of railway line from Ramganjmandi to Bhopal via Jhalawar LS – Matters under (Rule-377)
2010-03-03 Regarding need to provide adequate water for irrigation from river Chambal to the farmers of Kota Division in Rajasthan LS – Matters under (Rule-377)
2010-08-04 Regarding need to formulate a comprehensive policy to regulate procurement procedure of opium in order to safeguard the interests of opium cultivators in country LS – Matters under (Rule-377)
2011-03-04 (i) General Discussion on the Budget (Railways) ? 2011-2012; (ii) Supplementary Demands for Grants Nos. 1, 3, 4, 6 to 13 and 16 in respect of Budget (Railways) for 2010-11. Budget (Railways)
2011-03-15 Deaths due to tobacco consumption and stringent measures to control the use Special Mention
2011-08-24 Address the problems of opium growers in Jhalawar-Baran Parliamentary Constituency, Rajasthan LS – Matters under (Rule-377)
2011-08-27 Statement made by the Minister of Finance on the issues relating to setting up of a Lok Pal LS – Short Duration Discussions (Rule-193)
2011-08-29 Repair National Highway No. 12 in Rajasthan LS – Matters under (Rule-377)
2011-12-12 Regarding need to provide opium licence (Patta) to farmers in Rajasthan LS – Matters under (Rule-377)
2011-12-29 Issues related to the prinsners of wars in Pakistan Jails Special Mention
2011-12-29 Regarding need to include Rajasthani language in Eighth Schedule to the Constitution Special Mention
2004-12-23 Need to set up AIIMS – like medical institutes in Rajasthan. SPECIAL MENTION
2009-06-08 राष्ट्रपति के अभिभाषण पर धन्यवाद प्रस्ताव राष्ट्रपति के अभिभाषण पर धन्यवाद प्रस्ताव